Never lose track of your stock inventory again!

Say, hello to your inventory stalker - ItemSensor Improve your on-shelf-availability and see shopper satisfaction and sales in your stores skyrocket. You can truly take total control of your business, say bye to manually keeping track of your out of stocks, and finally bring your systems to a higher inventory accuracy. ItemSensor… the smart way to track your merchandise inventory.

ItemSensor for Stock Inventory

ItemSensor was developed by IsAji Technology as a retail inventory tracking technology to revolutionize the retail industry by helping to reduce out of stocks. Although some solutions have been invented in the past to keep track of inventory, there is none quite like ItemSensor that combines multiple innovations (IoT, Sensor Technology) to offer an economically scalable solution to tracking live on shelf inventory quantities and out of stocks.

ItemSensor utilizes real-time sensor technology to know the exact quantity of each item that are on any shelf or location, and which ones are sold out or about to sell out at any given time.


What ItemSensor can do for you?

  • Real-time inventory monitoring
  • flexible and scalable
  • Cost effective

ItemSensor uses real-time data to ​track on the shelf inventory / availability, ​determine when there’s a change to the state of any product on the shelf, alert when an item(s) needs to be replenished, predict potential out of stock items

ItemSensor is targeted at retailers who want to improve their sales by anticipating their customers’ need. ItemSensor allows users to get live visibility to inventory levels for all items. Access to live inventory levels helps stores to better plan replenishment labor and prioritize items with low inventory levels. It can also raise flags as soon as a shopper removes an item from the shelf helping to keep an eye on potential shrink. Moreover, ItemSensor is flexible and scalable, so you will not need to change hardware when items change and shelves are reset. It can easily adjust to changes in the environment.

How ItemSensor works?

ItemSensor uses a new and fully integrated technology to provide on-demand reports and analytics to help our customers improve their internal processes to minimize out of stocks altogether.

The ItemSensor technology is able to leverage its live and accurate shelf inventory along with our systems to inform when store goods are out of stock or close to it and predict when they could go out of stock; It can also drive improvements in our customers planograms and replenishment settings taking care of some of the major causes of out of stocks: shelf holding capacity, inaccurate inventory and replenishment settings.


Inverness McKenzie

Ricardo Pinto

CEO / Co-Founder / Inventor

Innovator with outstanding experience across major brands in Consumer-Packaged Goods (Procter & Gamble, M&M / Mars, Kellogg) and Retail (Walmart, Sam’s Club, Meijer and HEB). Exceptional record of innovating and creating value by challenging established processes and delivering analytical tools to provide systematic solutions to shelf, category and department space in mass and club retail stores.

Inverness McKenzie

Baba Nureni-Yusuf

COO / Co-Founder

Baba loves to laugh and get stuff done. He is spunky, tenacious and positive and spreads positivity wherever he goes. Serial Entrepreneur with over 10 years experience in Retail, Technology, Product Development, Corporate Strategies. Baba is often described as a big picture “Master Business Strategist”. The last six years he led multiple initiatives for a major retailer developing game-changing technology platforms such as: Pricing Knowledge Platform and Space Optimization Tool. This includes overseeing business ideation and concept development, software design and development as well as in-house subject matter expert .


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